Promotions: Fort Zumwalt East HS Winter Guard

Promoted to Scholastic B following the Edwardsville Festival on 2/20/16

This is the second year as a winter guard program at Fort Zumwalt East, and they couldn’t be more privileged and honored to be recognized for all of their efforts! The kids have such a positive attitude and are thrilled to be competing in Scholastic B along with so many other talented groups. All 17 members love cheering on other guards in the stands, helping out if a team needs assistance with their floor and complimenting other guards as they pass by. They enjoy being collaborative with other groups, learning from other performers and facing adversity with grace just like so many other teams in our circuit. This is such a great moment for them and our program as we continue to grow and develop into a strong team with character.

This season’s program “Snow Drift” plays out all the elements of a perfect snow storm. From the first snow flake, to the ruthless accumulation and wind, this snow storm will leave you breathless! Grab a blanket, some hot cocoa and snuggle up before you enjoy their show!

Fort Zumwalt East Winter Guard is under the direction of Dana Hoff with assistance from John Miller.

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