Since its humble beginnings (color guard only with less than 30 units in 5 classes), MCCGA has flourished into the organization we see today; 100+ combined units in 17 classes of both color guard and percussion, from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. MCCGA has also moved into the national spotlight over the years as its members have become increasingly competitive at both percussion and color guard WGI Regionals and WGI World Championships. Beginning in 2001, MCCGA has hosted a WGI Color Guard Regional each season, helping to introduce other units from around the country to the circuit and allowing our units to see programs and experience judging on a national level.

The Mid-Continent Color Guard Association (MCCGA) is a winter color guard and percussion circuit serving independent and scholastic guards and percussion lines from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Iowa. Now entering our 22nd year, the MCCGA offers an educational and competitive arena where young adults learn character building, confidence and professional skills for a lifetime.

Through equipment, movement and design, the MCCGA takes members and their audiences on life-changing journeys, discovering new talents, skills, friendships and accomplishments along the way.


  • Independent Cadet
  • Independent Regional A
  • Independent A
  • Independent Open
  • Independent World
  • Scholastic Cadet
  • Scholastic Regional A
  • Scholastic AA
  • Scholastic A
  • Scholastic Open
  • Scholastic World


  • Percussion Independent Novice
  • Percussion Independent A (PIA)
  • Percussion Independent Open (PIO)
  • Percussion Independent World (PIW)
  • Percussion Scholastic Novice
  • Percussion Scholastic B (PSB)
  • Percussion Scholastic A (PSA)
  • Percussion Scholastic Open (PSO)
  • Percussion Scholastic World (PSW)
  • Percussion Scholastic Concert (PSC)


  • Winds: Independent A
  • Winds: Independent Open
  • Winds: Independent World
  • Winds: Scholastic A
  • Winds: Scholastic Open
  • Winds: Scholastic World

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