Props and Floors

5 Trees and Stump (platform) for Sale
Kerri Craven,
The 5 trees range in height from 7-10 feet tall. The platform is 5 feet 2 inches tall and 5 feet 6 inches across. The wrap could easily be changed if you want a different design.
For outdoor use, the trees come with a metal base and locking wheels for easy movement and they stack for easy storage and transport. Buckets can be secured to the base/tree to hold equipment and can easily be moved around the field.
For indoor use, we removed the metal base and set them up directly on the floor. Buckets still worked to hold equipment. We did not move them for our show, they remained in the same place for the entirety.
The trees are easily transported lying down, stacked on top of one another. We’ve used pool noodles and moving blankets (not included in the sale) to protect the “bark” while transporting. Should the bark fall off, it can easily be glued back on for the day of a show. New bark can be made using insulating foam sealant and then painted over after drying. Touch up the day of a show can be done with paint pens or thick sharpie markers.
Adding leaves, flowers, vines, or branches, and a brighter color green paint could brighten/liven these up if your show is more upbeat than ours, but they worked very well to help us tell our stories.

Rolling Lightstands: (4) 8 ft tall and (4) 10 ft tall. 8 total – possibly 2 additional. $800 plus shipping OBO.

6 Harps (stationary bases) approximately 7 ft tall. $150 (for all 6)

Blue Tarp $1000

Used 2 seasons, roughly 60X90.  Back 4 panels can be included.

Modulation Z has a 50′ x 90′ digitally printed tarp. Contact: Ryan Treasure 

The tarp was is digitally printed and made by WGT. It is 50 ft 0 in (H) x 90 ft 0 in (W) Single Sided Print(s) made from Matte Vinyl-Duratex 13oz 196″ Black Back stock material It has normal wear and a few very small holes that have been patched. Pictures attached. Cost: $1200 View uniforms that went with this show, also for sale: Uniforms for Sale


Mater Dei “The Hive” winter drum line tarp for sale.
49’6″ wide by 88′ long with all pieces attached.
IMG_0604 IMG_0609

stock-photo-shallow-waters-in-a-glacier-lake-22642336Digital image water and mountains
55’ X 75’
(Black on reverse)

Contact Sherri Peterson, director at




image008Steam-Punk Machine Works Pillar Props

Quantity: 12
Condition: Good (used for one season)
Cost: Best Offer
Contact: Joanna Budd
(314) 415-9754 – direct line

Please note, purchaser would need to arrange pick up. Unable to ship.


Ramps for sale!

image003We have 12 small blue ramps. Each one is 2′ tall, 2′ wide, and 4′ long.
Our large, white ramp for sale is 22′ long and is 6′ tall. It is 10′ wide at the top and narrows down to 1′ wide at the bottom.

Make offer!

image002 image001

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