Promotions: Washington HS JV Winter Guard

Week 1 of the 2014 season started off with a promotion for the Washington HS JV Winter Guard from Scholastic C to Scholastic B following their performance at the Eureka show on January 25.

The Washington High School JV Winterguard has a total of 15 performing members with an average age of 15. They have competed in the MCCGA circuit for 4 years. The group performs to the music Claire de Lune by Claude Debussey. The group is proud to include 9 new members and 6 returning veterans to the team.

The show performed is titled ‘Fall’ and largely features dance and flag. The main focus for the performers is to depict the season of fall while also adding weight sharing and trust falls to the movement. The color scheme includes all the oranges, reds, and yellows of the fall season and the show ends with the performers falling off their silhouetted black tree.

The group is directed by Chad Greife and Jenny Buhr with additional staff including Julie Bunkley and Sara Barnett.

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