Promotions: Republic HS Winter Guard

Following their performance at the February 8th Kickapoo Festival, the Republic HS Winter Guard earned a promotion from Scholastic Regional to Scholastic C.

Republic’s 2014 show is titled “Follow Me” and is performed to the music of Emeli Sandé. There are 17 performing members with an average age of 15, and they have competed in MCCGA for 4 years. The unit is directed by Shyra Whalon with additional assistance from Lynlee Peretta and Sarah Todd.

“Follow Me” is cultivated from the story behind the track “River” as told by Emeli Sandé …  “I just sat down alone and wrote it at the piano and the lines came, I don’t know where from. It’s about the strong quiet type. I find that the louder people are the less they have to say.”

Previous awards include 2013 Regional A Silver Medalist,  2012 Regional A Silver Medalist, 2011 Regional B Bronze Medalist.

Republic’s next performance is at the Nixa Festival on February 22

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