Promotions: Rockwood Summit HS Winter Guard

Promoted Week 2 from Scholastic B to Scholastic A following the Mascoutah Festival

The Rockwood Summit winter guard is pleased to present their 2016 production, “Her Wings Are Clipped”.  The show aims to shed light on the very real struggle of girls growing up in underdeveloped parts of the world, and it features the music of up-and-coming YouTube artist, Chase Holfelder.  His unique twist on a classic 80’s feminism anthem helps illustrate the negative impact that gender inequality takes on us all.

“The human race is like a bird, and it needs both wings to be able to fly.  And, at the moment, one of its wings is clipped, and we’re never going to be able to fly as high.  In most parts of the world, when a girl is born, her wings are clipped.  She is not able to fly.  We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”

The guard is directed by Joy Eslick, with technical assistance from Chelsie Brewer and Evan Coonrod.  Their choreography and design team includes Jean Padawan, Evan Coonrod, and soundtrack design by Chris Sakowski.

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