Promotions: Francis Howell HS Winter Guard

Promoted Week 2 from Scholastic C to Scholastic B following the Mascoutah Festival

The Francis Howell HS Winter Guard’s production is entitled “Where Are You?”, and is performed to the music selection “I Love You” by Woodkid. The production is a reflection on past relationships and the longing for the individuals that are no longer a part of your life. There are objects placed on the floor symbolizing the connection between the individual that have been lost and the performers. Our journey takes you through the deep emotions involved in longing for someone that no longer cares for you, but you still care for eminently.

The Francis Howell Winter Guard is under the direction of Bryan White, with additional assistance from Will Nagorski, Pat O’Donnell, Jason Bergman, Zac Barber, Alyssa Navarro and Cassi Flores. The unit will be competing in Scholastic B at their next MCCGA contest, which is Edwardsville. The guard will also be competing at the Kansas City and St Louis WGI regionals as well as WGI World Championships in April. We appreciate all of the support we have received from the circuit and we are very excited about the opportunity to compete in Scholastic B.

2/15/16 Update:
Francis Howell HS Winter Guard was promoted by WGI following the Kansas City Regional and will continue the 2016 in the Scholastic A Classification. Congratulations!

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