Promotions: Lee’s Summit West HS Winter Guard

Promoted Week 1 from Scholastic C to Scholastic B following the Park Hill Festival

The Lee’s Summit West Color Guard has been a member of MCCGA since the early 2000’s. This year there are 8 performing members with an average age of 16. The West Guard has received several awards through MCCGA such as: 1st place in Regional A in 2013 and 1st place in Scholastic C in 2014.

This year the group is performing a show entitled “There’s No Place Like Home” and is designed around the character of Dorothy making her way down the yellow brick road. As the show progresses, more and more of our “Dorothy’s” make their journey back home, where we learn that home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.

The Lee’s Summit West Winter Guard is directed by Madison King with additional assistance from Rebecca Westmoreland and Karley Nance.

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