Promotions: Blue Springs South Winter Guard

Promoted Week 1 from Scholastic B to Scholastic A following the Park Hill Festival

The Blue Springs South Winter Guard’s 2016 show is entitled, “In your eyes”, and is performed to the music of Peter Gabriel. The 23 members will take their audience on a journey through the different colors and feelings of love. The beginning is chock full of vibrant flirty hues of happy greens which transition into the beauty of a dusty rose color, that then compliments a lavender shade heading into the tougher times of a relationship. The true testament though is when the red rose flags capture the true essence of everlasting love just in time for the ending ensemble and transformation back to the everlasting green.

The unit is under the direction of Elizabeth Keune with additional assistance from Amanda White, Angela VanBiber, and Bailey Carson. Show design credit goes to Becca Sullens. You can next see the Blue Springs South Winter Guard perform at the Ozark festival on February 6th.

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