Promotions: Grain Valley HS Winter Guard

2016 Grain Valley HS Winter Guard

2016 Grain Valley HS Winter Guard

Promoted Week 3 to Scholastic A following the 2016 Ozark Festival

Grain Valley HS Winter Guard is ecstatic and humbled by their promotion to the Scholastic A competitive class.

This year, the team’s program is entitled “You’re Mine” and is to the music of “I Put A Spell On You” by Annie Lennox. “As our team goals are to ‘be the color guard of the audience’ and to ‘strive to consistently be better than our last performance,’ it makes sense we selected a program that has a dramatic, entertaining, yet sassy tone that also challenges the team to explore a different type of character and set of skills,” explains Heather Gronneberg, Director of Color Guard at Grain Valley HS. “The students have been having a blast with the program and we very much hope the audience loves it as much as we do!”

An additional goal of the Grain Valley Color Guard program is to grow the size of the team. “It’s important that we provide as many opportunities for our students at Grain Valley Schools to explore the arts. It can be difficult to grow a program yet still remain competitive,” explains Gronneberg. “One of the most impressive things to me is that we have 17 members on our team this season that have never experienced winter guard before. It’s a challenge worth the work…and fun! I’m looking forward to seeing what these new students have in store for our team traditions and legacy.”

Instructional Staff includes Reid Atkinson, Director of Bands; Lindsey Vento, Design; Randy Knight, design; Heather Gronneberg, Director; Sarah Malott, Assistant Director; Tandrea Spriggs, Instruction; Chris McDonald, Instruction; Abi Brown, Instruction; and Alison Atkinson, MS Director.

If you would like to learn more about the Grain Valley Bands and Color Guard program, please look to the Internet:

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