CG Education Webisode 02 – Making the Most of Critique and Feedback


Hi everyone!  As promised, our second webisode will focus primarily on how to prepare for critique and how to make your feedback work for you.  I also touch a bit on how to look at scores across the circuit, account for differences in scores from region to region and what the score means verses the ranking.

Lindsey posted a great tip in the facebook group about laminating the score sheets so you can bring them with you to critique for reference.

Billy, Lindsey and I all agreed that as a circuit, we need to commit to knowing the following when it comes to our scores and rankings:

  • Providing an accurate ranking with quality feedback is the primary objective of our judges.
  • The ranking and score are both important, but often the score can be a means to justify the ends – the ranking.
  • Remember that while the sheets should provide a guide for our scores and for reference, there will be variation from contest to contest.  This is a human activity and an artistic one that does allow for some subjective results.
  • You should look at how your group falls across the circuit, not just for one show, while keeping in mind that the scores may vary, and until you are at the same show with the same panel of judges as the other groups you are referencing, you won’t be able to truly compare your performance with theirs.
  • Invest some time in looking over the sheets.  Understand what the judges are communicating with where they have put you in terms of the number line and how that relates to excellence.

HERE is the second video in our educational series.  In it, we look at discrepancies and how they occur, how to plan and prepare for critique, as well as what to do with the information once you leave critique.   I also briefly discuss using our circuit photographers and their photos as a teaching tool to showcase what judges may have been referencing when sampling both positive and negative attributes of performance.

Finally, if you haven’t already watched the Webinar from WGI earlier in the season, it contains some great information on reading the sheets, approaching critique, preparing your performer and assessing your performance.   You can find that video HERE.   Once at the page, scroll to “Playlist” and select “CG Steering Comm Webinar.”

Best of luck this weekend to our performing units!