Illinois Valley Central Indoor Winter Drumline

Promoted to Scholastic B following the 2/18/17 Edwardsville Festival

Illinois Valley Central High School Indoor Winter Drumline is honored by our promotion to Percussion Scholastic B.  Better known as IVC, we hail from a small community with a high school enrollment of 671 students. This is only our 3rd year for an indoor program and we are honored to compete with so many great groups in this circuit.  We are inspired by the talent surrounding us and motivated to take on the challenges that yet await us.

Our 2017 show “The Other Side of the Rainbow” follows two lovers as they journey down a rainbow towards happiness. They soon discover there is no happily ever after on the other side, but encounter darkness and fear. Throughout the show our lovers are desperately trying to reunite while avoiding the evil that is on “The Other Side of the Rainbow”.

Illinois Valley Central Drumline is directed by Aaron Mills with assistance from Jake Dixon, Andrew Harvey and Nathaniel Reginald.

Photos courtesy of Photography by Tom Barcroft

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