2019 Week 2 Features!

PARK HILL UPDATE: The decision has been made to cancel the Park Hill Festival. These are never easy decisions to make but feel it is in the best interest of the safety of all involved. Note: If you need to add a KC show to your schedule to replace this one – both Blue Springs South on March 16 and Blue Springs on March 23 are still open. Email festivalchanges@mccga.org to add either show.

At this time the Francis Howell North show is still on as scheduled. Watch Facebook and here for further updates.

Thank you B. Johnson Photography for feature photos from the 2/2/19 Harrisonville Festival!

Here are a few reminders to help you get ready for 2019 events.


  • If you are new and have not signed up for director-only access to the Forum – please do so asap. You simply need to use this Registration Link and then watch for an activation email within a few minutes of submitting your information. Sometimes this activation email gets filtered as spam so check your spam folder as well if you don’t see it in your inbox.
  • If you are a returning director – your old account is still there. If you cannot remember your login or password – use the Forgotten Password link to reset.
  • If nothing works for you – send an email to Belinda at webmaster@mccga.org for assistance!
  • Be sure to join the MCCGA Education group on Facebook as well. This is where a lot of information is shared throughout the season.


  • Email festivalchanges@mccga.org
    Deadline for changes is 4 weeks prior to each event. If you are cancelling an event completely, your cancellation fee will need to be paid prior to your next scheduled event. Fees can be paid by mailing a check to the MCCGA PO box OR by using the Online Payment link


  • If you plan to go through judge’s critique you must sign up for it on each separate festival page. The deadline is Sunday night at 6 pm, 3 weeks prior to event date. **HOWEVER – for the Mascoutah and Harrisonville shows – the deadline for signup is extended to one week prior to the show due to the timing of schedule publishing. All other shows will be the normal 3 week deadline.
  • You can verify that your unit is signed up for critique by clicking on Critique Sign-up on that schedule. Sign-ups are automatically listed in real time.
  • Critique Schedule will be available for each show in the Director’s Forum.

UNIT FACTS (“Spiel Sheet”)

  • You only need to submit your unit facts sheet once for the whole season, although you can re-submit it if there are changes. **Information submitted less than 3 days before a festival may not be reflected in the current announcer’s sheets for that show.


  • Both B. Johnson Photography and Photography by Tom Barcroft are again offering the full season discounted package for your unit’s digital galleries. Either photographer will customize a full season invoice for your unit and coordinate payments for the appropriate shows/photographers so that you can deal with a single invoice.
  • BEST season pricing is good until January 26 (the first event for 2019), however, full season options can still be purchased mid-season at a slightly higher rate. Contact Belinda at bjohnsonphotography@gmail.com for more information and to receive a customized invoice for your unit(s)
  • Priority publishing order is determined by the order in which payments are received
  • Purchase of your unit’s digital galleries means NO watermarks and fully DOWNLOADABLE images for everyone in your unit, with no expiration.
  • Selected WGI Regionals may also be added to your unit’s season package:
    WGI Springfield
    WGI Tulsa
    WGI Chicago (Guard)
    WGI St Louis (Perc/Winds)
    WGI Chicago (Perc)

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