2015 Championships

For everyone who was at the Nixa location for Championships – please take a minute and read the following message regarding a lost black bag. Hopefully someone can help!

“We had a black bag go missing on Saturday at Nixa. We don’t know if maybe the group next to us at the “home base” maybe picked it up. It’s a black bag with pink trim. It actually had two different students cell phones in it.”

Heather Vondrasek (Reeds Spring Schools)


Site 1: Nixa HS
Novice and Regional
Site 2: Willard HS
Middle School Guard
SB, SA, IA, IO, IW Guard
Site 3: Ozark HS
Scholastic C Guard
All Percussion
Schedule | Photos
Recaps: Regional A & IA
Tom Barcroft
Schedule | Photos
Recaps: SB | SA-IA-SO-World
Schedule | Photos
Recaps: SC Guard | Percussion

THERE WILL NOT BE A PROFESSIONAL VIDEOGRAPHER THIS YEAR AT ANY OF THE 3 LOCATIONS. Units and fans MAY video and take still pictures from the stands. Please do NOT use tripods as seating is always limited at various times of the day in all 3 locations. As always – for the SAFETY of all of our performers – there is NO flash photography permitted. Directors – please reiterate this to your members’ parents. Maps, additional director’s information and warm-up schedules will be available in the Directors Forum Tuesday, March 24.

Those units attending championships at Nixa: this site is a vertical time line, and your group will enter back stage left and exit back stage right.  The campus map located on the Director’s Forum indicates the timing line and flow for this site.


Ozark and Willard Locations will both have vendor merchandise booths provided by Pepwearpepwear

NEW! Custom photo-imprinted shirts, totes and keychains will be for sale at the Nixa location

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