2017 Championships

Times are estimates and subject to change.

UPDATE: Since we still have groups competing at WGI regionals this weekend the schedule won’t be finalized until Sunday evening after the regionals are completed. Once that’s done the schedule will be finalized and posted – possibly Sunday night late but more likely Monday, March 27.

Ozark High School Start time 9:00am

  • Guard Scholastic AA (3 Rounds)
  • SAA Retreat 2:00pm
  • All Percussion Classes  Start time 4:00pm
  • Percussion Retreat  8:45pm

Nixa High School  Start time 9:00am

  • Guard Scholastic Regional A (5 Rounds)
  • Round 1 and 2 Retreat  11:45am
  • Round 3, 4, and 5 Retreat 5:30pm

Willard High School  Start time 1:00pm

  • Cadet Class
  • Independent Regional A
  • Scholastic A (2 rounds)
  • Indpendent A
  • Scholastic Open
  • Independent Open
  • Cadet and Independent Regional A Retreat 4:50pm
  • SA/IA/SO/IO Retreat  9:45pm

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