2016 Summer Meeting

Now that the season is officially over and you’re all already prepping for auditions for fall and even thinking about next year’s shows – be sure to get the Annual Meeting Date marked on your calendar.

Saturday, June 18
Blue Springs High School
Begin: 12 pm

Unit Director’s: Proposals and nominations for the 2017 season are now being accepted. Proposals should be submitted in a word document. If proposing a change to an existing rule, please reference the current rule in your proposal as well as the rationale for the change. If submitting a new rule, please include the rationale for the proposal.

Nominations are being accepted for:

  • President
  • Public Relations
  • Education Director
  • Asst. Percussion Coordinator
  • Guard Advisory Board (4)
  • Percussion Advisory Board (3)

When submitting a nomination, please confirm with the nominee that they will accept the nomination and include their email address with your nomination.

Proposals and nominations are due no later than 6pm on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Please email nominations and proposals to mccgapresident@yahoo.com

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