New MCCGA Chief Judge and Coordinator

MCCGA is pleased to welcome Tabitha Sebastino and Cheryl Myers as our new Chief Judge and Judge Coordinator. These are familiar names to many within the organization due to their long history as judges for the circuit. The Executive Board is excited to begin our work with Tabitha and Cheryl as they share our commitment to education, training and the circuits’ philosophy and mission.

Reporting to the President, as Chief Judge, some of Tabitha’s duties will include:

  • Coordinating judges for all of MCCGA’s Color Guard festivals and Championships
  • Presiding over the MCCGA Review Steering Committee
  • Act as a liaison between MCCGA and other associations regarding judging issues
  • Facilitate educational sessions for our judges regarding our philosophy, mission and goals
  • Sit on the MCCGA Executive Board as non-voting Advisor

Reporting to the Chief Judge with a dotted line to the President, as Judge Coordinator, some Cheryl’s responsibilities will include:

  • Ensuring potential judges have submitted their availability in a timely manner
  • Creating weekly communications during the season regarding judge logistics
  • Working with the Chief Judge to address and resolve any judging concerns in a timely manner
  • Ensuring training materials are kept up to date and current

Tabitha can be reached at

Thank you, Tabitha and Cheryl! We look forward to working with you.

Tabitha Sebastino-MCCGA Chief Judge

It’s hard to believe, but 2022 marks my 31st year in the marching arts, and 14th year as an adjudicator. I began judging for MCCGA in 2013, and it quickly became my home circuit for many years. I’ve been privileged to serve on an MCCGA championship panel 6 times, including the virtual 2021 season. One of the reasons I became a judge was to educate young designers and performers on the fundamentals of the adjudication process (the sheets are an amazing resource, not a mystery!), as well as break down the “us vs. them” mentality that tends to exists on both sides of the critique table. That mission matches perfectly with the eagerness of the MCCGA teams to learn and grow. It’s exciting to be a part of a circuit where the key contributors (BOD, designers, members, support staff) have so much drive for success, yet humility and graciousness within the process.

he highlight of my marching career was the 7 summers I spent with the Patriots Drum and Bugle Corps. I was the color guard director for the East Syracuse Minoa Marching Band and Winter guard for over 10 years and have provided support and instruction to many marching bands and color guards in the central NY area. In addition to judging for MCCGA, I have supplied individual analysis commentary most recently to the Texas Color Guard circuit, NYS Percussion Circuit, and Mid-York Color Guard Circuit. This fall I’m excited to be judging Design Analysis for the NYS field band conference.

Professionally I coach small business owners on developing strategy, visioning, and marketing skills as well as growing leadership fluency. I help entrepreneurs to develop methods for identifying their passion and determining how they can turn that into a means to both income and personal gratification. In addition to coaching, I also own a small farmstead and flower farm in Central New York, focused on chemical free growing and garden education.

Cheryl Myers- Judge Coordinator

Hello, all! I have been involved in the MCCGA circuit for over 13 years, as an adjudicator, clinician, and more recently, assistant to the Chief Judge. I also had the honor of participating in the Regional A education series, specifically the movement caption. I came to MCCGA relatively early in my national judging career which has afforded me a front row seat to witness and applaud the incredible growth and development within the circuit over time. It’s a place I’ve been happy to call my home circuit for years, and as such, I’m thrilled to continue serving here. One of my favorite things about MCCGA is the feeling of family which permeates the culture here. Directors, performers, parents, even bus drivers and audience members look out for one another, be it locally or on the national stage.

In addition to MCCGA, I adjudicated for WGI for several years and remain affiliated with the Texas Color Guard Circuit, the Michigan Color Guard Circuit, the Atlantic Indoor Circuit, the Southeast Art and Pageantry Association, and the local circuits for both color guard and percussion in New York State. I spend some time judging field band locally and nationally in the fall, teach at a small dance studio, and recently joined the staff of a local field band.

In addition to pageantry, I have a career in the financial and accounting industry, where I am the executive assistant to the managing partner of a regional accounting firm and play a lead role in my firm’s Outreach and Wellness programs.

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