2024 Reclassification: Grain Valley JV (Scholastic A)

Grain Valley Junior Varsity’s show is entitled “Never Be Mine” and is performed to the music “Never Be Mine” by Rosa Linn. The show tells the story of lost love and the desperation that can cause.

Grain Valley JV is under the direction of Christopher McDonald with assistance from Valentina Romo and Arien Frye. The program was designed and choreographed by Zachary Barber with additional choreography by Marisa Barzee. The GV Color Guard program is lead by Araya Penfield.

The 19 members of this team were promoted out of Scholastic Regional A and into Scholastic AA after the end of the 2023 season and are ready to take on a new challenge with a second promotion into Scholastic A.

Photos: Joe Bonello and Belinda Johnson, B. Johnson Photography
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