2019 Promotions: Oakville HS

Congratulations to Oakville High School, promoted by WGI from Scholastic AA to Scholastic A, finishing as a top 3 finalist at the 2019 Springfield Regional!

Oakville Varsity is so appreciative and excited for this chance to be in Scholastic A class!  The team consists of 15 students this year with 2 Juniors, 8 Sophomores, and 5 freshmen! Our staff consists of Zachary Barber, Anna Kemper, Leah Cummins and Leah Siemens. Our amazing flags and floor were designed by Travis Chiles and our beautiful costume were designed by Byron Valentine. This is Oakville’s second year competing with a winter guard since 2012!

This year Oakville’s 2019 winter guard show is titled, “Memories of You” and takes you through the emotional journey of what it feels like to lose someone you loved so very much. The floor represents the scene of a cemetery as the performers are reflecting on the pain of losing someone. The costumes colors and veils were carefully selected to bring the authentic nature and feeling of approaching a tombstone.

We are so excited to debut in Scholastic A class this weekend at O’Fallon Township!

Photographs provided by Joe Bonello and B. Johnson Photography.