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Make checks payable to MCCGA and mail to:
MCCGA Entries, PO Box 550, Springfield, MO  65801
Electronic Fee Payment (credit/debit card) may be made at https://mccga.org/mccga-fees-payment/

REMINDER: if you have not joined the MCCGA EDUCATION group on Facebook – please do so. Important announcements and communication specific to directors is posted there instead of or in addition to email communication since as we all know email is not usually 100% reliable due to spammers, filtering, and occasional technical difficulties.

 Unit Classification Director StateEdit Entry
Hollister WindsWinds: Scholastic ANathan SpurlingMissouri
IonicCG: Independent AChristina ThalhuberMO
Joplin High School Indoor DrumlinePerc: Scholastic NoviceSeth BoyerMO
Joplin High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AChristina LeonardMO
Junior Lancers Winter GuardCG: Independent Regional AMark TessereauIL
Kickapoo CadetsCG: Scholastic CadetAllison AdamsMO
Kickapoo EmulationCG: Scholastic OpenSherri PetersonMissouri
Kickapoo HS GoldCG: Scholastic Regional ASherri PetersonMissouri
Kickapoo PercussionPerc: Scholastic ATroy PetersonMO
La Voûte Performance EnsembleCG: Independent OpenBrandon FinkMO
Lafayette County C-1 High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AKelly ReutherMO
Lafayette JVCG: Scholastic AAEvan CoonrodMO
Lafayette VarsityCG: Scholastic AEvan CoonrodMO
Lange Middle School JVCG: Scholastic CadetChristina ThalhuberMO
Lathrop High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AErin HolliwayMO
Lee's Summit High School Golden GuardCG: Scholastic ALaura FinchMissouri
Lee's Summit North Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional APaige BrownMissouri
Lee’s Summit West Winter GuardCG: Scholastic AAAbby BishopMissouri
Liberty High SchoolCG: Scholastic AJennifer CannonMissouri
Liberty North High School WinterGuardCG: Scholastic Regional AAmy HallMO
Liberty Public School - Blue JaysCG: Scholastic CadetJennifer CannonMissouri
Liberty Public School - EaglesCG: Scholastic CadetAmy HallMO
Lindbergh District Middle SchoolCG: Scholastic CadetJamie HutsonMO
Lindbergh High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional ASarah HammanMO
Marquette High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic AAMelissa WilsonMO
Mascoutah High SchoolCG: Scholastic AJo SmithIL
Mattoon High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AAngi DallasIL
Mid Buchanan High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AShannon DennyMO
Millard North High School JVCG: Scholastic Regional AAllison GoodmanNE
Millard North High School VarsityCG: Scholastic AAllison GoodmanNE
Moreland Ridge Middle SchoolCG: Scholastic CadetElizabeth KeuneMissouri
Mountain HomeCG: Scholastic Regional AVordie MathisArkansas
MTCG: Independent Regional ADoug SchafferMO
National AvenueCG: Independent AJohn SullivanMissouri
Nixa High SchoolCG: Scholastic AJohn SullivanMO
Nixa Junior High SchoolCG: Scholastic CadetJohn SullivanMO
North Kansas City High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional ACarrie EppersonMissouri
Northeast Nodaway ColorguardCG: Scholastic Regional AAmanda SuttonMissouri
Northgate Gator GuardCG: Scholastic CadetAmanda GreenwoodMO
Northwest IndependentCG: Independent WorldBrian DuttonArkansas
O'Fallon Township High School Junior VarsityCG: Scholastic Regional ARocco DurantiMO
O'Fallon Township High School VarsityCG: Scholastic OpenRocco DurantiMO
O'Fallon Township Junior PanthersCG: Independent CadetRocco DurantiMO
Oak Grove High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional ATorri HicksMissouri
Oakland Middle School VarsityCG: Independent Regional AChristina ThalhuberMO
Oakville Junior Varsity High School WinterguardCG: Scholastic Regional AZachary Barbermo
Oakville Varsity High School WinterguardCG: Scholastic AZachary BarberMO
Odessa High SchoolCG: Scholastic AAKarley NanceMissouri
Ozark JVCG: Scholastic Regional ATheresa WallsMO
Ozark VarsityCG: Scholastic AATheresa WallsMO
Park Hill JVCG: Scholastic Regional AChelsea MoggMO
Park Hill VarsityCG: Scholastic AChelsea MoggMO
Parkway Central High SchoolCG: Scholastic AABrandon FinkMO
Parkway North WinterguardCG: Scholastic Regional ACharlie BourrageMO
Parkway South High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AAlyssa VillacisMO
Parkway West HS WinterguardCG: Scholastic Regional ACayte BrierMO
Pattonville High SchoolCG: Scholastic AACharlie BourrageMO
Pea Ridge Cadet GuardCG: Scholastic CadetSara Beth EubanksAR
Pea Ridge High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional ASara Beth EubanksAR
Platte County High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional ASydnie KerrMissouri
Progressions IndependentCG: Independent ASara ShieldsKS
Ray-Pec Elite Color GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AJennifer JungeblutMO
Reeds Spring Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AAshley GaroutteMO
Reeds Spring Winter PercussionPerc: Scholastic NoviceJosh GaroutteMO
Republic High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic AAShyra WhalonMo
Rockwood SummitCG: Scholastic AJoy EslickMO
Seckman HSCG: Scholastic AABeth VanHoeckeMO
Siloam Springs HS JVCG: Scholastic Regional AAshley EstesAR
Siloam Springs HS VarsityCG: Scholastic AAMelissa LessoAR
Smithton Middle SchoolCG: Scholastic CadetJennifer RandolphMO
Smithville HS JVCG: Scholastic Regional AKristy HumbardMO
Smithville HS VaristyCG: Scholastic AKristy HumbardMO
Smithville MSCG: Scholastic CadetKristy HumbardMO
Southern Boone County Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional ASydney ForckMO
Spintronix Indoor GuardCG: Independent AJackie BrownMissouri
 Unit Classification Director StateEdit Entry

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