2023 Reclassification: Bentonville West HS (Scholastic AA)

Bentonville West’s 2023 show is entitled “The Older We Become,” and is performed to the music Older, by Ben Platt.  The Older We Become consists of elements relating to the chapters we go through in life.  We often feel that once we get to the next chapter, we will finally feel whole, but it is important to embrace every moment.  Our show is about living life to the fullest today, instead of hoping for tomorrow.

The Bentonville West Winter Guard is under the direction of Lauren Sloan with assistance from Jessica Ortiz and Ashton Howerton.  The program is designed by James Womack.  We are excited to continue growing this season in Scholastic AA and we will perform again at Fayetteville, Nixa, and  Championships.

Photos: Joe Bonello and Belinda Johnson, B. Johnson Photography
View more pictures from Bentonville West’s WGI-Kansas City performance here


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