2022 End of Year Wrap Up



  • Elizabeth Bohon- University of Central Missouri Winter Guard
  • Caprice Nichols from Divine Light Winter Guard
  • Kathryn Lieven – 901 Performance Ensemble
  • Brytani Powell – Echo Independent
  • Jessica Soward – ICT Winter Guard
  • Julianna Sorenson – ICT Winter Guard
  • Colin McClatchey – Ionic Winter Guard
  • Rachel Trokey – Ionic Winter Guard
  • Katy Bagwil – LaVoute Performance Ensemble
  • Halima Hussain – LaVoute Performance Ensemble
  • Jason Mathis – LaVoute Performance Ensemble
  • Zoe Miller – LaVoute Performance Ensemble
  • Hannah Novack – LaVoute Performance Ensemble
  • Jasyme Tyler – LaVoute Performance Ensemble
  • Austin Smith – National Avenue
  • Sol Kieschnick – Pride of Missouri State
  • Madison Swim – Pride of Missouri State
  • Acacia Jurkowski – Pride of Missouri State
  • Sarah Benton – Pride of Missouri State
  • Isabelle Haase – Pride of Missouri State
  • Amelia Harmon – Pride of Missouri State
  • Allison Barton – Pride of Missouri State
  • Amanda Rawls – Pride of Missouri State


  • Liberty North HS on January 22nd
  • Wentzville Holt HS Varsity January 29th
  • Belleville East HS Varsity January 29th
  • Blue Springs HS A-February 12th
  • Blue Springs HS Varsity- by WGI on February 21st
  • Hollister High School on February 26th
  • Fox HS March 5th
  • Mascoutah HS March 5th
  • Belleville West HS Varsity March 5th
  • Francis Howell HS on March 5, 2022
  • Edwardsville High School JV on March 5th


  • Robert Berry Memorial Scholarship- Alexia Duncan from Saint James High School
  • Rodney Berry Memorial Scholarship- Hannah Jones from Ozark HS Varsity
  • Lynessa Barney from Hollister Winds
  • Elissa Kratz from Fox HS
  • Eden Burton from Nixa nVision

Cindy and Terry Abney Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award Recipient

Russ Chandler nominated by Hollister Winds


Regional A:

  • EQ- Steven Keiser from Lewes, Delaware
  • MV-Cheryl Myers from Ithaca, New York
  • DA-Shelba Waldron from Fishers Indiana
  • GE-Sam Brooks from Deptford, New Jersey
  • GE-Daniel Eger from Land O’ Lakes Florida
  • TP-Jeff Storey from Overland Park, Kansas
  • Lead-Greg King from Clearwater, Florida
  • Chief Judge- Billy Saccomanno


  • EQ- Rebecca Speer from Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania
  • MV-Josh Swain from Jacksonville, Florida
  • DA- Ron Comfort from Vancouver Washington
  • GE-Adam Clark from Nashville Tennessee
  • GE-Byron Valentine from Dayton, Ohio
  • TP-Alex Vallar from Kansas City, Missouri
  • Chief Judge- Billy Saccomanno from Lakeland, Florida


  • Evan Hinds
  • Nathan Bushey
  • Eric Sheffler
  • Chris Church
  • Jeff Storey

SAA Class

  • EQ- Paula Alfonso from Gainsville Florida
  • MV-Jennifer Clark-Bentley from Salt Lake City, Utah
  • DA-Eric Kitchenman from Lansdale Pennsylvania
  • GE-Jude Boughton Austin, TX
  • GE-Brandon Spidel Indianapolis, Indiana
  • TP-Jason Bergman St. Charles Missouri
  • Chief-Billy Saccomanno Lakeland Florida

A, Open, World Classes

  • EQ-Paula Alfonso from Gainsville FL
  • EQ-Rebecca Speer Gilbertsville, PA
  • MV-Jennifer Clark Bentley Salt Lake City Utah
  • MV-Josh Swain Jacksonville Florida
  • DA- Ron Comfort Vancouver Washington
  • DA-Eric Kitchenman Lansdale PA
  • GE-Jude Boughton Austin TX
  • GE-Adam Clark Nashville TN
  • GE-Brandon Spidel Indianapolis IN
  • GE-Byron Valentine Dayton OH
  • TP-Alex Vallar Kansas City, MO

(double panel)

  • EQ Steve Kaiser Lewes, DE
  • MV-Cheryl Myers Ithaca NY
  • DA-Shelba Waldron Fishers IN
  • GE-Sam Brooks Deptford NJ
  • GE-Daniel Eger Land o Lakes FL
  • TP-Jeff Story Overland Park KS
  • LJ-Greg King Clearwater FL
  • TP-Jason Bergman St Charles MO
  • Chief- Billy Saccomanno Lakeland FL


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