2022 Reclassification: Edwardsville HS JV

The 2022 Edwardsville High School JV Winter Guard’s show is entitled “A Night at the Circus, in Memory of Mackenzie Allen.” Both visually and musically, the program takes the audience through a journey of a circus show. From calm and mysterious to energetic and silly, our performers bring this show to light in honor of our senior guard member Mackenzie who passed away earlier this season.

Edwardsville JV is under the direction of Leah Cummins with show design from Robert Jordan and Zachary Barber. Additional staff includes Miranda Pratte, Ben Lanier, and Mackenzie Groh.

We are honored and ecstatic to complete this season in the Scholastic AA class. Come see us at MCCGA Edwardsville on March 12, MCCGA O’Fallon on March 19, and MCCGA championships on April 2!

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