2016 WGI World Championships: Guard

Winter Guard World Championships Week! Here is the MCCGA representation for Dayton. 19 units in 4 classes this year! NOTE: Times listed are EASTERN STANDARD TIME (subtract one hour for viewing back here in Missouri)

Thursday, April 7


Friday, April 8


Saturday, April 9


Nutter Center: Scholastic Open
5:09 Francis Howell North
6:48 pm Bentonville Varsity

CINTAS Center: Scholastic A
10:46 am Fort Zumwalt North Elite
2:18 pm Marquette
3:22 pm Washington
4:36 pm Kickapoo Emulation

Millett Hall: Scholastic A
2:34 pm Eureka
3:40 pm Lafayette
6:01 pm Rockwood Summit
6:49 pm Francis Howell

Millett Hall: Independent Open
8:32 pm Avidity
9:19 pm Obsidian of Central MO
10:31 pm Pride of Missouri State

Convention Center: Independent A
10:12 am Avant Guard
1:14 pm Synchronicity
2:38 pm Aevitas
4:21 pm Andesine of Central MO
7:40 pm eXpressions
8:28 pm National Avenue

CINTAS Center: Scholastic A
10:08 am Francis Howell

Millett Hall: Scholastic A
11:52 am Kickapoo Emulation
3:31 pm Washington

Nutter Center: Independent A
10:34 am National Avenue
2:09 pm Avant Guard

Nutter Center: Scholastic Open
9:26 pm Francis Howell North

CINTAS Center: Independent Open
5:21 pm Avidity Independent
5:39 pm The Pride of Missouri State

Nutter Center: Independent A
10:12 am National Avenue
12th Place Finish; 86.455

Nutter Center: Scholastic A
12:53 pm Kickapoo Emulation
16th Place Finish; 84.6
2:43 pm Washington
4th Place Finish; 94.64

UD Arena: Independent Open
8:39 am The Pride of Missouri State
14th Place Finish; 82.60

UD Arena: Scholastic Open
1:24 pm Francis Howell North
4th Place TIE Finish; 92.35


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