2015 WGI Championships – Percussion

Our thanks to photographers Jerry Trapp and Tom Barcroft for the percussion feature images for this week’s schedule!

Percussion World Championships Week! Here is the MCCGA representation for Dayton. 7 units in 3 classes this year! I have adjusted the performance times for CENTRAL STANDARD TIME ZONE. So subtract an hour if you are watching from Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Illinois!

Thursday April 9 Prelims

Friday April 10 Semis & Finals

Sat. April 11 Finals

Miami University Millett Hall: PIA
11:26 Modulation Z

Nutter Center: PSA
11:35 Bentonville
11:44 Collinsville
12:59  Edwardsville
2:54  Francis Howell
6:03  Kickapoo

UD Arena: PIW
7:57 Gateway Indoor

Nutter Center: PSA Semi-Finals
9:53 Edwardsville
11:48 Francis Howell
12:24 Kickapoo

UD Arena: PIW Semi-Finals
2:53 Gateway

UD Arena: PIA/PSA  Finals
5:45 Modulation Z
8:06 Kickapoo HS
8:15 Edwardsville HS

UD Arena: PIW
8:27 Gateway


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