1/25/20 Francis Howell North PREVIEW

Francis Howell North High School
2549 Hackmann Rd, St Charles, MO 63303



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Unit Perform Class
Alton Middle School 11:00 Scholastic Cadet
Lindbergh District Middle School 11:10 Scholastic Cadet
Lange Middle School 11:20 Scholastic Cadet
Francis Howell District Middle School 11:30 Scholastic Cadet
Northwest High School 11:40 Scholastic Regional A
Rock Bridge High School 11:50 Scholastic Regional A
Bayless High School 12:00 Scholastic Regional A
Eldon High School 12:10 Scholastic Regional A
Windsor High School 12:20 Scholastic Regional A
Southern Boone High School 12:30 Scholastic Regional A
BREAK 12:40
Alton High School 1:00 Scholastic Regional A
St. Clair High School 1:10 Scholastic Regional A
Lindbergh High School 1:20 Scholastic Regional A
Oakville High School JV 1:30 Scholastic Regional A
Fort Zumwalt South High School 1:40 Scholastic Regional A
Parkway South High School 1:50 Scholastic Regional A
St. Charles West High School 2:00 Scholastic Regional A
Oakland Middle School 2:10 Independent Regional A
BREAK 2:20
Wentzville Holt HS JV 2:40 Scholastic AA
Hillsboro High School 2:50 Scholastic AA
Freeburg Community High School 3:00 Scholastic AA
Battle High School 3:10 Scholastic AA
Francis Howell High School 3:20 Scholastic AA
Belleville West High School 3:30 Scholastic AA
BREAK 3:40
Wentzville Holt High School Varsity 3:50 Scholastic A
Francis Howell North High School 4:00 Scholastic A
Echo Independent 4:10 Independent A
Spintronix 4:20 Independent A
Ionic Winter Guard 4:30 Independent A

Each unit will be given 20 minutes for warm up and 10 minutes to perform

Warm up will be in the small gym and each unit will have 1/2 of the gym floor for warm up

Units can perform as much or as little of their show as they wish. The 10 minute interval is for each unit to use as the wish

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