Props and Floors


High quality digital printed floor. One season use by Blue Springs Varsity.
60×90, 13 oz

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Mater Dei “The Hive” winter drum line tarp for sale.
49’6″ wide by 88′ long with all pieces attached.
IMG_0604 IMG_0609


(5) 4×8 printed vinyl panels of Mount Everest
$400, Contact

The 2015 Bentonville JV Color Guard Floor is up for sale. The floor is a collection of stones varying in color from gold to purple to green and blue and is in excellent condition. 50’x70’ asking $750. Delivery costs not included. Please contact Brian Dutton at



stock-photo-shallow-waters-in-a-glacier-lake-22642336Digital image water and mountains
55’ X 75’
(Black on reverse)

Contact Sherri Peterson, director at



6 Digitally Printed Canvas Double-sided props

Condition: Good, used 1 season
Cost: $1000
Contact: Sarah Hamman,, 314-520-0002

Double sided canvas digitally printed props for Atlantis show. Front side shows above ground city, back side shows underwater city. Images were professionally printed. They are 8’ tall and 12’ wide. The canvas sheets are connected to lay over the frame. There are grommets around the edges and bottom so you can connect with zip ties around a frame. The purchaser would need to arrange pick up from Branson High School, unable to ship.

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Hand-painted Styrofoam Panels


Quantity: 6 sets of 3 styrofoam panels taped together. All together that is 18 4×8’ styrofoam panels.
Condition: Used for 1 season
Cost: $1200  reduced to $1000
Contact: Sarah Hamman,, 314-520-0002


Hand painted ‘Atlantis’ / Underwater Styrofoam panels. Trifold setup – one side folds in on itself, the other folds around the back. Connected with duct tape. They are lightweight and easy to move and setup. The panels spread across a 70’ tarp with only a few feet on either side, we also overlapped them a bit. The columns are not included in the sale. Purchaser would need to arrange pick up from Branson High School, unable to ship. Asking $1000. (If you were to buy blank styrofoam panels like these, they cost $650).

image008Steam-Punk Machine Works Pillar Props

Quantity: 12
Condition: Good (used for one season)
Cost: Best Offer
Contact: Joanna Budd
(314) 415-9754 – direct line

Please note, purchaser would need to arrange pick up. Unable to ship.


Ramps for sale!

image003We have 12 small blue ramps. Each one is 2′ tall, 2′ wide, and 4′ long.
Our large, white ramp for sale is 22′ long and is 6′ tall. It is 10′ wide at the top and narrows down to 1′ wide at the bottom.

Make offer!

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