Promotions: Ozark High School Winter Percussion

Ozark High School Winter Percussion is proud to present their 2015 program, “Some Assembly Required,” Featuring the music of Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newly, Hugo Pierre Leclercq, and Jason Lord.

The production pays homage to that “first spark” felt by creators as the gears of inspiration begin to turn and the blueprint unfolds. With the echo of “Pure Imagination” ringing throughout, the performers experience the joy of ingenuity, the frustration of failure, and the eternal urge to not give up in the face of adversity.

For the first time in the unit’s history, Ozark will field a new group of performers to help sketch the schematic of creativity, and assist the ensemble in it’s tradition of excellence as the 2015 Visual Ensemble.

The ensemble is under the direction of Jason Lord. Additional staff includes Alex Alfaro, Krista Brooks, Tommy Barttels and Tom Meyer. The unit consists of 35 members. Their next performance will take place at Kickapoo High School on March 7th.

The Ozark Winter Percussion line would like to thank Tom Meyer, Angela Love, the Ozark Band Boosters, and all of the parents and volunteers for their continued support. We couldn’t have done it with out you!

“Imagination is one of the greatest things we’ve ever had. But, for every great idea, some assembly is required.”