Interested in becoming a MCCGA Judge?

Who is eligible to be a judge?

Potential judges have typically come from the following:

Individuals that have exceptional understanding of color guard, theater arts, dance, and music. (This is only a short list!) Older instructors that have a heightened awareness of the philosophy and the scoring system and are sensitive to judging issues. Most of these individuals have been long time instructors and have a good amount of measured success in the competitive arena. Former Judges or they have judged in other genres of the performing arts. These individuals can utilize the Judge Apprentice Program to update their judging skills, as it relates to the winter guard and percussion aspect of our activity.

Don’t think you are ready to begin judging or don’t feel you have the background?

If you are not ready to judge yet or don’ feel you have the background, you can still become a part of the excitement by becoming a Timing and Penalties judge.

I still want to teach a competitive unit, does this prohibit me from judging?

Some judges are “affiliated” with color guards and percussion units. In fact, some of our best and most current judges are still teaching or recently taught units within the activity. One of the primary ways that a judge stays current is through this hands-on experience that comes through teaching. Scheduling becomes more difficult but this in no way excludes you from becoming a MCCGA Judge. We encourage and value Judges that are able to cross over into the instructor role!

I think I would be a great MCCGA Judge! What is my next step?

Contact Billy Saccomanno, MCCGA Chief Judge, at ChiefJudge@mccga.org  for more information.

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