2018 Promotions: Oakville High School

MCCGA congratulates Oakville High School on their promotion from Scholastic Regional A to Scholastic AA!

Oakville High School Winter Guard’s show is entitled, “Beyond the Skies” and explores the endless possibilities of flight as they soar to the music of Jo Blankenburg’s “Zephyrus”!

This is the first time Oakville High School has had a Winter Guard since 2012. Oakville is full of enthusiastic performers composed of 4 sophomores and 8 freshmen!

The unit is under the direction of Zachary Barber with assistance from Anna Trask and Rebeckah Chadderdon with floor design by Travis Chilies and costumes by Bryan Valentine.

Oakville is beyond excited to take flight into this new classification and see what it has to offer!

Photos courtesy of Photography by Tom. View more photos


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