Unit Facts Received

UnitNameProgramMusicOfEntry Date
Rockwood Summit HS Winter GuardWhat A Wicked Thing To SayPhillip PhillipsJanuary 12, 2018
Seckman HS Winter GuardDeliriumTaranta by: Ludovico EinaudiJanuary 9, 2018
Siloam Springs HS JV Winter GuardHallelujahPentatonixJanuary 8, 2018
Siloam Springs HS Varsity Winter GuardThis Women's WorkHope MurpheyJanuary 8, 2018
Siloam Springs MS Winter GuardTightropeMichelle WilliamsFebruary 16, 2018
Smith-Cotton HS IndoorWhen a door closes...John Paul ChapmanJanuary 8, 2018
Smithville HS Winter GuardPrayingKurt Hugo Schneider, Will Champlin, and Lauren DuskiJanuary 8, 2018
Smithville Middle School Winter GuardThe GreatestMadilyn Page and Ammon ChungJanuary 8, 2018
Spintronix Indoor GuardSeveranceSabrina Carpenter and Jasmine ThompsonJanuary 3, 2018
Spring Hill HS Winter GuardComebackDanny GokeyJanuary 4, 2018
St. Charles West HS Winter GuardBy Your SideAdeleJanuary 20, 2018
St. Clair HS Winter GuardUnchartedSara BareillesJanuary 4, 2018
St. Clair HS Winter GuardUnchartedSara BareillesFebruary 7, 2018
St. Clair HS Winter GuardUnchartedSara BareillesFebruary 20, 2018
St. Francis Borgia HS Winter GuardHopeless WanderersMumford and sonsJanuary 19, 2018
St. James HS Winter GuardJourney to AcceptanceLay Me Down by Sam Smith and John LegendDecember 28, 2017
St. James HS Winter GuardJourney to AcceptanceLay Me DownJanuary 26, 2018
Staley HS Winter GuardStormGary AllenFebruary 16, 2018
Strafford HS Winter GuardOn My WayPhil CollinsJanuary 8, 2018
SynchronicityAddress in the StarsCaitlin & Will's "Address in the Stars"January 6, 2018
The Pride of Missouri StateDrops of JupiterGustav HolstJanuary 16, 2018
Timberland HS Winter GuardDear HateMaren Morris & Vince GillJanuary 25, 2018
Truman HS Winter GuardThe HauntingKrzysztof Komeda and Lana Del RayJanuary 17, 2018
Warrensburg HS JV Winter GuardYellowYellow by Clara OmanJanuary 24, 2018
Warrensburg HS Varsity Winter GuardThe WaitHourglass by Tim HanleyJanuary 25, 2018
UnitNameProgramMusicOfEntry Date

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