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March 2, 2013: UCM Multipurpose Bldg- 500 S. Washington St, Warrensburg, MO 64093

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New for 2013: Contact info, maps, warmup info will be found in the reserved Director's Forum.
Admission: $7 adult, $5 student & senior, under age 5 FREE
REVISED FOR PROMOTIONS 2/27: Check ALL performance times after 5:30.
  Unit Class Perform


Reeds Spring HS Perc. Scholastic Regional 9:00  
Hollister HS Perc. Scholastic Regional 9:09  
Platte County HS Perc. Scholastic Regional 9:18  
Rolla HS Perc. Scholastic Regional 9:27  
Parsons HS Perc. Scholastic Regional 9:36  
Wright City HS Perc. Scholastic Regional 9:45  
Odessa HS Perc. Scholastic Regional 9:54  
Harrisonville HS Perc. Scholastic Regional 10:03  
  BREAK   10:12  
Hillcrest HS Perc. Scholastic B 10:21  
Lee's Summit HS Perc. Scholastic B 10:30  
Joplin HS Perc. Scholastic B 10:39  
Ozark HS Perc. Scholastic B 10:48  
Olathe North HS Perc. Scholastic B 10:57  
  BREAK   11:06  
Smith Cotton HS Perc. Scholastic Concert 11:15  
CB Thomas Jefferson HS Perc. Scholastic A 11:24  
Francis Howell Central HS Perc. Scholastic A 11:33  
Francis Howell HS Perc. Scholastic A 11:42  
Waynesville HS Perc. Scholastic A 11:51  
Blue Springs South HS Perc. Scholastic A 12:00 canceled
Kickapoo HS Perc. Scholastic A 12:00  
Liberty HS Novice 1:00  
Liberty North HS Novice 1:07  
Belton HS Novice 1:14  
  BREAK   1:21  
Grain Valley MS Middle School/JH 1:28  
Summit Lakes MS Middle School/JH 1:35  
Odessa MS Middle School/JH 1:42  
Cherokee MS Middle School/JH 1:49  
Nixa JH Middle School/JH 1:56  
Smithville MS Middle School/JH 2:03  
  BREAK   2:10  
CB Thomas Jefferson HS Regional A 2:17  
Reeds Spring HS Regional A 2:24  
North Kansas City HS Regional A 2:31  
DeSoto HS Regional A 2:38  
Lawson HS Regional A 2:45  
Hollister HS Regional A 2:52  
Platte County HS Regional A 2:59  
Bolivar HS Regional A 3:06  
Wright City HS Regional A 3:13  
  BREAK   3:20  
Lathrop HS Regional A 3:34  
Harrisonville HS Regional A 3:41  
Waynesville HS Regional A 3:48  
Warrensburg HS JV Regional A 3:55  
Lee's Summit West HS Regional A 4:02  
Fort Zumwalt South HS Regional A 4:09  
Maysville HS Regional A 4:16  
Smithville HS JV Regional A 4:23  
  BREAK   4:30  
Destination Independent Regional A 4:37  
Spintronix Independent Regional A 4:44  
Fayetteville HS Scholastic C 5:30  
Staley HS Scholastic C 5:38  
Park Hill HS Scholastic C 5:46  
Shiloh Christian HS Scholastic C 5:54  
Truman HS Scholastic C 6:02  
Blue Valley Southwest HS Scholastic C 6:10  
Fort Zumwalt West HS Scholastic C 6:18  
Ruskin HS Scholastic C 6:26  
  BREAK   6:34  
Kickapoo HS Arete Scholastic B 7:00  
Blue Springs HS Scholastic B 7:08  
Francis Howell HS "B" Scholastic B 7:16 promoted!
Grain Valley HS Scholastic B 7:24  
Joplin HS Scholastic B 7:32  
Nixa HS Scholastic B 7:40  
Ozark HS Scholastic B 7:48  
  BREAK   7:56  
Kickapoo HS Emulation Scholastic A 8:10  
Blue Valley West HS Scholastic A 8:18  
Francis Howell HS "A" Scholastic A 8:26  
Wentzville Holt HS Scholastic A 8:34 promoted!
Warrensburg HS Scholastic A 8:42  
Blue Springs South HS Scholastic A 8:50  
Odessa HS Scholastic A 8:58  
Rolla HS Scholastic A 9:06  
Smithville HS Scholastic A 9:14  
  BREAK   9:22  
Avant Guard Independent A 9:38  
University of Central Missouri Independent A 9:46  
Synchronicity Independent A 9:54  
Francis Howell North HS Scholastic Open 10:04  

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