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General Information for Guard Units

Since its humble beginnings (less than 30 units in 5 classes), the color guard side of MCCGA has flourished into the organization we see today: over 75 color guard units in 11 classes from Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. MCCGA has also moved into the national spotlight over the years as its members have attended WGI Regionals and the WGI World Championships. Beginning in 2001, MCCGA has hosted a WGI Regional each season, helping to introduce other units from around the country to our circuit and allowing our units to see programs and experience judging that would not otherwise be available.

The color guard side of MCCGA is made up of the
following classes:
  • Middle School/Junior High
  • Novice Class
  • Regional A
  • Independent Regional A
  • Scholastic C
  • Scholastic B
  • Scholastic A
  • Independent A
  • Scholastic Open
  • Independent Open
  • (Scholastic and Independent World classes
    are available if needed)

Training and Education Information

Training Series created by Shirlee Whitcomb, former Education Director for WGI and present Director of Color Guard Development.


Training - Vocabulary & Expression


Finding the Right Music


The Program


Plotting for Effect


Setting Up For Success


Creating the Blueprint

There are six judges that judge each event. Two judges sit near the bottom of the stands, one judging equipment and the other judging movement. Each of these judges has 20 points to award in his or her caption (40 total points available). At the top of the stands, there are three judges, one judging ensemble analysis and the other two judging general effect. Each of these judges also has 20 points to award (60 total points available). Finally, there is one judge on the floor that is responsible for timing & penalties. This judge deducts points based on rule infractions. You can find more information about the scoring system on WGIs resource page.

MCCGAs color guard units are administered by the MCCGA Board of Directors, the MCCGA Color Guard Advisory Board, and the MCCGA Director of Color Guard Education. The By-Laws and Color Guard Rulebook set forward the structure of our administration, events, rules and classifications. These are invaluable resources and can tell you much about how to prepare for the season. It is also beneficial to take a look at WGIs Resources page for articles on show design and judging philosophies.

2012 Color Guard Advisory Board

Joy Eslick, Mark Martin, Evan Coonrod, Lori Blessing


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