3/9/19 Percussion/Winds SUPERSHOW

Kickapoo High School
3710 S Jefferson Ave, Springfield, MO 65807

Admission (includes both Prelims & Finals):

  • $7 adult
  • $5 student (5-18 years of age)
  • $5 senior (60+ years of age)
  • Children under 5 years of age Free

bJohnson120Pre-Order Downloadable Photo Gallery:

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Pre-Order Action Photos

Unit Perform Class
Hillcrest HS Percussion 10:00 Perc: Scholastic Concert
Pea Ridge HS Percussion 10:09 Perc: Scholastic Concert
Siloam Springs MS Indoor Percussion 10:18 Perc: Scholastic Novice
Joplin HS Indoor Drumline 10:27 Perc: Scholastic Novice
BREAK 10:36
Bryant HS Indoor Percussion 10:45 Perc: Scholastic B
Odessa HS Winter Percussion 10:54 Perc: Scholastic B
Republic HS Indoor Percussion 11:03 Perc: Scholastic B
Siloam Springs HS Indoor Percussion 11:12 Perc: Scholastic A
NWA Percussion 11:21 Perc: Independent A
Kickapoo HS Percussion 11:30 Perc” Scholastic Open
BREAK 11:40
Nevada HS Winter Winds 11:48 Winds: Scholastic A
Hollister HS Winds 11:57 Winds: Scholastic A
Hillcrest HS Percussion 1:00
Pea Ridge HS Percussion 1:20
Siloam Springs MS Indoor Percussion 1:40
Joplin HS Indoor Drumline 2:00
Bryant HS Indoor Percussion 2:20
Odessa HS Winter Percussion 2:40
Republic HS Indoor Percussion 3:00
Siloam Springs HS Indoor Percussion 3:20
NWA Percussion 3:40
Kickapoo HS Percussion 4:00
Nevada HS Winter Winds 4:20
Hollister HS Winds 4:40
6:00 Perc: Scholastic Concert
6:09 Perc: Scholastic Concert
6:18 Perc: Scholastic Novice
6:27 Perc: Scholastic Novice
BREAK 6:36
6:45 Perc: Scholastic B
6:54 Perc: Scholastic B
7:03 Perc: Scholastic B
7:12 Perc: Scholastic A
7:21 Perc: Independent A
7:50 Perc: Scholastic Open
BREAK 8:00
8:09 Winds: Scholastic A
8:18 Winds: Scholastic A


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