31117 Kickapoo

Kickapoo High School
3710 S Jefferson Ave, Springfield, MO 65807

bJohnson120B. Johnson Photography
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Willard MS 10:00 CG: Scholastic Cadet
Siloam Springs HS JV 10:07 CG: Scholastic Cadet
Webb City JH 10:14 CG: Scholastic Cadet
Nixa JH 10:21 CG: Scholastic Cadet
Bentonville School District 10:28 CG: Scholastic Cadet
Cherokee MS 10:35 CG: Scholastic Cadet
Cassville MS 10:42 CG: Scholastic Cadet
BREAK 10:49
Enid HS 11:03 CG: Regional A Round 1
Hillcrest HS 11:10 CG: Regional A Round 1
Camdenton HS JV 11:17 CG: Regional A Round 1
Harrisonville HS 11:24 CG: Regional A Round 1
Lee’s Summit HS 11:31 CG: Regional A Round 1
Ozark HS JV 11:38 CG: Regional A Round 1
Bentonville HS Cadet 11:45 CG: Regional A Round 1
St. James HS 11:52 CG: Regional A Round 1
Raymore Peculiar HS 11:59 CG: Regional A Round 1
BREAK 12:06
Bentonville West HS 12:13 CG: Regional A Round 2
Webb City HS 12:20 CG: Regional A Round 2
Fayetteville HS Regent 12:27 CG: Regional A Round 2
Fair Grove HS 12:34 CG: Regional A Round 2
Pea Ridge HS 12:41 CG: Regional A Round 2
Kickapoo HS Gold 12:48 CG: Regional A Round 2
Lee’s Summit North HS 12:55 CG: Regional A Round 2
Truman HS 1:02 CG: Regional A Round 2
BREAK 1:09
Mosaic Independent 1:16 CG: Independent Regional A
Spintronix Indoor Guard 1:23 CG: Independent Regional A
Fusion 1:30 CG: Independent Regional A
Branson HS 3:00 CG: Scholastic AA
Willard HS 3:08 CG: Scholastic AA
Siloam Springs HS Varsity 3:16 CG: Scholastic AA
Joplin HS 3:24 CG: Scholastic AA
Glendale HS 3:32 CG: Scholastic AA
Maysville HS 3:40 CG: Scholastic AA
Ozark HS Varsity 3:48 CG: Scholastic AA
Lee’s Summit West HS 3:56 CG: Scholastic AA
Republic HS 4:04 CG: Scholastic AA
BREAK 4:12
Odessa HS 4:20 CG: Scholastic A
Fayetteville HS Eminence 4:28 CG: Scholastic A
Nixa HS 4:36 CG: Scholastic A
Camdenton HS 4:44 CG: Scholastic A
Kickapoo HS Emulation 4:52 CG: Scholastic A
BREAK  5:00
National Avenue 5:08 CG: Independent A
Avant Guard 5:16 CG: Independent A
901 Performance Ensemble 5:24 CG: Independent A
The Pride of Missouri State 5:40 CG: Independent Open
Nevada HS Percussion 6:30 Perc: Scholastic Novice
Pleasant Hope HS Percussion 6:39 Perc: Scholastic Novice
BREAK 6:48
Hillcrest HS Percussion 6:57 Perc: Scholastic B
Republic HS Percussion 7:06 Perc: Scholastic B
Joplin HS Percussion 7:15 Perc: Scholastic B
Fort Zumwalt West HS Percussion 7:24 Perc: Scholastic B
St. Charles West HS Percussion 7:33 Perc: Scholastic B
BREAK 7:42
Waynesville HS Percussion 7:51 Perc: Scholastic A
Washington HS Percussion 8:00 Perc: Scholastic A
Francis Howell HS Percussion 8:09 Perc: Scholastic A
Sager Creek Indoor 8:18 Perc: Independent A
NWA Percussion 8:27 Perc: Independent A
Kickapoo HS Percussion 8:38 Perc: Scholastic Open

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