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901 Performance EnsembleCG: Independent AJohn Sullivan10/02/2017View Details
Alton High SchoolCG: Scholastic AAMichael Paynic10/09/2017View Details
Alton Junior VarsityCG: Scholastic Regional AMichael Paynic10/09/2017View Details
Amethyst IndependentCG: Independent AJennifer Randolph10/09/2017View Details
AndesineCG: Independent AMichelle Jurkiewicz10/02/2017View Details
Antioch MIddle School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic CadetLaura Lee10/10/2017View Details
Avant GuardCG: Independent ATrey Antonetti10/02/2017View Details
Avidity IndependentCG: Independent OpenLeaAnne Arata10/02/2017View Details
Battle High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AChristina Thalhuber10/09/2017View Details
Bearcat Winter GuardCG: Independent Regional AKylie Mattke11/02/2017View Details
Belleville East HS JVCG: Scholastic AAMark A. Martin10/02/2017View Details
Belleville East HS PercussionPerc: Scholastic AMichael Largent10/09/2017View Details
Belleville East HS VarsityCG: Scholastic AMark A. Martin10/02/2017View Details
Belton High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AMatthew Uppman10/09/2017View Details
Bentonville HSCG: Scholastic OpenBrian Dutton10/02/2017View Details
Bentonville HS ACG: Scholastic ABrian Dutton10/02/2017View Details
Bentonville HS CadetsCG: Scholastic AABrian Dutton10/02/2017View Details
Bentonville School DistrictCG: Scholastic CadetAustin Nelson10/02/2017View Details
Bentonville West HS JVCG: Scholastic Regional ADanny Page10/09/2017View Details
Bentonville West HS Winter GuardCG: Scholastic ADanny Page10/09/2017View Details
Black Hawk Percussion EnsemblePerc: Scholastic ConcertKevin Hume11/10/2017View Details
Blue Springs School District North 7th GradeCG: Scholastic CadetSheri Harris10/02/2017View Details
Blue Springs School District North 8th GradeCG: Scholastic CadetAllison Calafaty10/02/2017View Details
Blue Springs South High School Winter PercussionPerc: Scholastic AJamie Haffner10/02/2017View Details
Blue Springs South VarsityCG: Scholastic AElizabeth Keune10/02/2017View Details
Blue Valley High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional ASonja Putnam10/02/2017View Details
Blue Valley West - SilverCG: Scholastic Regional AKate Anthony10/02/2017View Details
Blue Valley West High School - RubyCG: Scholastic AAKate Anthony10/02/2017View Details
Branson High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic AAJena Ingram10/09/2017View Details
Bryant High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AJosh Gardner11/16/2017View Details
Cabot High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional APhillip H Franklin11/03/2017View Details
Camdenton JVCG: Scholastic Regional AChris Garstang10/02/2017View Details
Camdenton VarsityCG: Scholastic AChris Garstang10/02/2017View Details
Carmi Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AAlison Childers10/09/2017View Details
Cassville High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic AATiffany Barnes10/09/2017View Details
Cassville Middle School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic CadetTiffany Barnes10/09/2017View Details
Cherokee Middle SchoolCG: Scholastic CadetCaity Larson10/10/2017View Details
Collinsville High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional ASarah Friedel10/25/2017View Details
Columbia Percussion UnitedPerc: Independent NoviceNathan Miller10/09/2017View Details
Crimson Sound Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AMichael Fox10/20/2017View Details
Crimson Sound Winter WindsWinds: Scholastic AMichael Fox10/20/2017View Details
Edwardsville High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic AMarvin Battle10/02/2017View Details
Eureka High SchoolCG: Scholastic AAJason Bergman10/02/2017View Details
Fayetteville High School EminenceCG: Scholastic ATrey Antonetti10/02/2017View Details
Fayetteville High School RegentCG: Scholastic Regional ATrey Antonetti10/02/2017View Details
Fayetteville Public School District CadetCG: Scholastic CadetTrey Antonetti10/02/2017View Details
Fort Zumwalt East Color GuardCG: Scholastic AAStephanie Vunck10/12/2017View Details
Fort Zumwalt North Junior Varsity WinterguardCG: Scholastic Regional ABriana Samson10/25/2017View Details
Fort Zumwalt North VarsityCG: Scholastic ABriana Samson10/09/2017View Details
Fort Zumwalt South HS WinterguardCG: Scholastic AAMarie McDowell10/02/2017View Details
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