Critique Sign-Up: Nixa

CRITIQUE SIGN-UP ENDS at 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 10

Critique Sign-up Ends at 6:00 pm on Sunday, February 10

Currently signed up units:

Unit NameClassificationDirector
Andesine of Central MissouriCG: Independent AMichelle Jurkiewicz
BentonvilleCG: Scholastic OpenBrian Dutton
Bentonville ACG: Scholastic ABrian Dutton
Bentonville CadetsCG: Scholastic Regional ABrian Dutton
Bentonville School DistrictCG: Scholastic CadetAustin Nelson
Bryant High School Indoor PercussionPerc: Scholastic BJay Chipman
Bryant High School WinterguardCG: Scholastic Regional ALauren Sloan
Cherokee Middle SchoolCG: Scholastic CadetAllison Adams & Hallie Morris
Clever High School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional ATeri Gee
Francis Howell NorthCG: Scholastic OpenJohn Tocco
HillcrestCG: Scholastic Regional AKnupps
Hillcrest PercussionPerc: Scholastic ConcertKnupps
Hollister WindsWinds: Scholastic ANathan Spurling
Kickapoo PercussionPerc: Scholastic OpenTroy Peterson
Lees Summit HS Golden GuardCG: Scholastic AALaura Finch and Abby Bishop
Maysville High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AAbi Kreek
Northwest IndependentCG: Independent WorldBrian Dutton
Odessa High SchoolCG: Scholastic AAKarley Nance
Ozark VarsityCG: Scholastic AATheresa Walls
Pea Ridge Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional ADanny Darough
Praesidium Winter GuardCG: Independent Regional ADoug Schaffer
Progressions IndependentCG: Independent Regional ASara Shields
Ray-Pec High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AJennifer Jungeblut
Reeds Spring Winter WindsWinds: Scholastic AJosh Garoutte
RHS winterguardCG: Scholastic AAShyra Whalon
Spintronix Indoor GuardCG: Independent AJackie Brown
St. Clair High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional ATamra Wall
St. James HS Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AJessica Morris
Webb City HSCG: Scholastic Regional AJessica Woods
Willard HSCG: Scholastic AMaryJo Miller
Willard MSCG: Scholastic CadetMaryJo Miller
Unit NameClassificationDirector

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