Critique Sign-Up: Harrisonville

CRITIQUE SIGN-UP ENDS at 6:00 pm on Sunday, January 21.

Currently signed up units:

 Unit Name Classification Director
AndesineCG: Independent AMichelle Jurkiewicz
Antioch Middle School Winter GuardCG: Scholastic CadetLaura Lee
Bearcat Winter GuardCG: Independent Regional AKylie Mattke
Belton High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AMatt Uppman
Blue Springs School District North 7th Grade Winter GuardCG: Scholastic CadetSheri Harris
Blue Springs School District North 8th Grade Winter GuardCG: Scholastic CadetAllison Calafaty and Lindsey Vento
Blue Springs South HSCG: Scholastic AElizabeth Keune
Blue Valley West HS RubyCG: Scholastic AAKate Anthony & Roman Garcia
Blue Valley West HS SilverCG: Scholastic Regional AKate Anthony & Roman Garcia
Camdenton JVCG: Scholastic Regional AChris Garstang
Camdenton VarsityCG: Scholastic AChris Garstang
Grain Valley HS JV Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AChristopher McDonald
Grain Valley HS Varsity Winter GuardCG: Scholastic AAAraya Penfield
Grain Valley R-5 BlueCG: Scholastic CadetAlison Atkinson
Grain Valley R-5 SilverCG: Scholastic CadetSarah Malott
Lathrop High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AErin Holliway & Kim Filley
Lee's Summit HS Winter GuardCG: Scholastic AALaura Finch and Abby Bishop
Liberty High SchoolCG: Scholastic AALaurie Walls
Liberty North High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AAmy Hall
Maryville High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AKylie Mattke
Moreland Ridge MSCG: Scholastic CadetElizabeth Keune
Odessa High SchoolCG: Scholastic ARebecca Westmoreland
Raymore-Peculiar HS Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AAlyssa Clark
Staley High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional ASydney Lindeman
Webb City HSCG: Scholastic Regional AJessica Woods
 Unit Name Classification Director

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