Critique Sign-Up – Park Hill

Sign-up closes at 6:00 pm on January 27

Critique Sign-up Ends at 6:00 pm on Sunday, January 27

Currently signed up units:

Unit NameClassificationDirector
Andesine of Central MissouriCG: Scholastic CadetMichelle Jurkiewicz
Bearcat Winter GuardCG: Independent Regional AKylie Mattke
BeltonCG: Scholastic Regional AMatt Uppman
Blue Springs High School JVCG: Scholastic AAllison Calafaty
Blue Springs High School VarsityCG: Scholastic AMarisa Barzee
Blue Springs South HS JVCG: Scholastic AAAngela VanBiber
Blue Springs South HS VarsityCG: Scholastic AElizabeth Keune
Blue Valley WestCG: Scholastic AAKate Anthony
De Soto High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AMatthew Fawcett
Delta Woods Middle SchoolCG: Scholastic CadetElizabeth Keune
Lawson High SchoolCG: Scholastic Regional AChelsey Krocza
Lees Summit HS Golden GuardCG: Scholastic AALaura Finch and Abby Bishop
Liberty North HS Winter GuardCG: Scholastic Regional AAmy Hall & Stephanie Spurgeon
North Kansas City HS WinterguardCG: Scholastic Regional ATaylor Lee
Odessa High SchoolCG: Scholastic AAKarley Nance
Park Hill JVCG: Scholastic Regional AChelsea Mogg
Park Hill VarsityCG: Scholastic AChelsea Mogg
Smithville Jr VarsityCG: Scholastic Regional AConnie Mogg
Smithville Middle SchoolCG: Scholastic CadetConnie Mogg
Smithville VarsityCG: Scholastic AConnie Mogg
SynchronicityCG: Independent AKristy Humbard
Unit NameClassificationDirector

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